Skin Treatmens

Cell Theory

Cell Theory Biological Age Control System is a topical therapy developed by a plastic surgeon to deliver the most technologucally advanced treatment to the skin.

Each Cell Theory topical product treats the skin in a unique way by targeting a specific cellular interaction. By doing so it changes the skin on a molecular level. The combination of the whole system acts synergistically to change the nature of the skin, reversing sun damage while making the skin thicker, firmer, stronger and more elastic.

Your skin is an important interface between you and the harsh environment thus it is one of the most important organs to protect and nurture.

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Chemical Peels

Alpha Hydroxy Acid Peel

AHA is a fruit acid, which is used topically in 5-10 minute treatments. Used primarily on facial skin but also popular for arms, abdomen, back and hands. It is recom- mended every 4-6 weeks. You will start with a 20% peel and as your skin gets stronger graduate up to 70%. AHA treatments will accelerate exfoliation, increase collagen and elastic fi bers in the dermis and reduce discolorations in the skin. Also benefi cial in the treatment of acne. May cause a peeling effect for a day or two, with a smooth look in 3 days. Beta-Hydroxy acid peels are also available.

per body area: $150.00 / 20 min


Enzymatic Peel

The Latest innovation in skin peels. A new enzyme (Actifirm) Dissociate bonds between epidermal cells with similar benefi ts to the AHA peel with no discomfort and results are immediate with no recovery time necessary. ®

per body area: $175.00 / 20 min



Diamond Peel

The latest generation of microdermabrasion is the diamond tome. It precisely planes the skin leaving it immediately smooth and radiant. It also improves fi ne lines & acne scars. Appropriate for face, hands, décolleté, and body. treatments recommended for best results.

single treatment: $225.00
package of three: $600.00 / $200.00 per session
package of six: $1,050 / $175.00 per session

After your diamond peel you have the option to add an additional treatment customized for your skin for an additional $50.00. Options include: Intense Vitamin C & E, AHA Clay Extraction mask, Acid mask, Tanning mask, Bleaching mask and more. (these treatments are available without diamond peel for $150.00)