Nose Surgery


Surgery of the nose can improve the appearance and proportions of your nose, enhancing your sense of self confidence. Surgery can change the size, width, profile of your nose as well as enhance the tip or the nostrils in a manner which is subtle and natural. Dr Warfel is careful to create a natural looking nose without a “surgical look”. No one will know from looking at you that you had a nose job.



Small and discrete incisions made at the base of the nostril and/or inside the nose allow Dr. Warfel to reshape the cartilage and bone which gives the nose its shape. This allows him to smooth bumps, lower the profile and reshape the tip or the nostrils of the nose.



You should see a change after the initial swelling of surgery goes down. If you have packing, it will be removed the next day. If you have a splint, it will be removed in 5-7 days. While much of the swelling decreases in the first 7-14 days, the remaining swelling goes away slowly with continued improvement for 6-12 months. The final result of tip surgery can take 1 year to slowly achieve definition.