Fat Transplantation Via Injection

The harvest and re-injection of your own fatty tissue is the gold standard of fillers.


Although a bit more complicated and expensive, the results are permenant and can rejuvenate the entire face. Grafted fat is rich in living stem cells which rejuvenate the skin and all the other tissues around them in a lasting way.


A common misconception is that fat grafting does not last. This is because many surgeons do not want to take the necessary time and care to do the procedure as described in the literature. Proper fat injection technique is pain-staking and time consuming. and takes a team of technitiions. When the technique is not followed or abbreviated, results are not reliable. At the Warfel Institute Fat grafting is done "by the book" and results are dramatic and long lasting.


Fat injections are associated with a longer recovery time. Bruising and swelling can be substantial, requiring a week or two or sometimes three to calm down.


Hear an actual fat grafting patient explain her experience and see her results